About us

What is Filmtopia?

Filmtopia represents an open space for quality film that tries to move the frontiers of Slovak viewers´ experience with the cinematic event. Each film distributed by Filmtopia will receive an individual attention tailored to its needs. Filmtopia´s ambition is to create some kind of a laboratory investigating the unique journeys of particular films from the authors to the viewers. This individual approach is based not only on the search for an ideal combination of traditional ways of distribution, such as small cinemas, art cinemas, multiplexes, internet, festivals and television. It is also a quest to find some new possibilities for the particular films (film schools, site-specific screenings, events and locations not primarily focused on film...). And thus each film in the history of Filmtopia will become a chapter of the project investigating progressive distribution in Slovakia.

How did Filmtopia come into existence? 

Filmtopia was founded by 5 subjects working in diverse spheres of Slovak film who are concerned about the lack of space for non-commercial cinematography in Slovakia: OZ EEE, MPhilms s.r.o. , Peter Kerekes s.r.o., Punkchart Films s.r.o. a Filmotras s.r.o. .

What kind of films are we looking for?

Young, independent, provocative, unconventional in format or length, documentaries, animated, experimental, auteur films, films left unnoticed... in other words, those which have been waiting for the Filmtopia experience.

What do we offer?

A distribution plan tailored to the needs of the film, promotion, meetings and discussions with the viewers, audio introduction and professional exposition to the film. Our intention is to ensure the films live their active lives in the society that they were created for.