The Boy and The World

About the film

original title: O Menino e o Mundo

director: Ale Abreu

year: 2013

duration: 80 min

genre: animovaný film

SK premiere: Animation film festival Fest Anća 2014

CZ premiere: Anifilm- International animation film festival Trebon (awarded Best movie for children)

prints: blu-ray a DVD

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A small boy is very content in the country, together with his parents. His father works in the cotton picking industry, and the production process is largely automated. When his father leaves to find a job elsewhere, his son follows him. He discovers a remarkable world, dominated by animal-machines and strange beings. The innocence of childhood sharply contrasts with the responsibility of adulthood and callous society. Ingenious use of color and perspective, and various techniques to portray issues of the modern world through the eyes of a child.