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Bells of Happiness

About the Film

Feature-length movie created for cinemas, length 62 minutes
First run on: June 19, 2012
Screenplay and directing: Jana Bučka, Marek Šulík
Cinematography: Štefan Bučka
Editing: Peter Kotrha
Dramaturgist: Jan Gogola Jr.
Sound recording: nahrávanie zvuku: Jakub Fišer
Sound mixing: Bohumil Martinák
Sound design: Dušan Kozák
Sssistants of direction, sound and cinematography: Tereza Michalová, Lena Kušnieriková
Produced by: ŽUDRO
co-produced by: punkchart films, RTVS
starring: Mariena Mirgová, Roman Lacko, Adriana Lacková, Miro Čonka and inhabitants of the settlement Víťaz – Dolina

Distribution format: DCP, Blu-ray, DVD
Lenght: 52´
Development and production of the film was financially supported by Slovak audiovisual fund.
This film was produced with the support of the project  Ex Oriente Film 2011, the Institute of Documentary Film in Czech Republic (awarded with the prize – Golden Funnel)


Mariena and Roman are cousins. Despite the fact that each of them has her or his family, children and everyday life they are freaks in a settlement in which they live. They share one passion which has little to do with their everyday life – admiration of singer stars Karel Gott and Dara Rolins. They collect and exchange newspaper clips from tabloids, they rehearse together songs from the repertoire of their idols and borrow their identities under which they are known by their relatives and neighbours. In spite of all expectations Mariena is Karel and Roman is Darinka (i.e. girl is male singer and boy is female singer).
One day they decide that they will sing their favourite hit The Bells of Happiness (“Zvonky šťastia“) and they will send it to them together with their own video-clip on the DVD. In this project they are accompanied by documentarists Marek Šulík and Jana Bučka. Thus there arise a mutual play in which roles of protagonists and film-makers are exchanged but also those of media stars and simple people from socially weaker classes.

CVs of Directors

Marek Šulík was born in 1974. He graduated in documentary directing from the Academy of Performing Arts “VŠMU“ in Bratislava, where he is currently active as a pedagogue. He works as a film and television editor and director of documentary films. As an editor he worked for example with Peter Kerekes (66 Seasons, Cooking History), Mišo Suchý (Home movie, Pictograph), Róbert Šveda (Demons), Filip Remunda (Meeting with Film), Jaro Vojtek (Out of the Circle) and others. As a director he worked on the documents The Unwanted Children, Diana or the Way into Showbusiness, Seven Magical Years, The Yourney of Magdalena Robinson, Cigarettes and Songs (awarded for the best documentary film, Seefest Los Angeles 2012, Grand Prix Arts&Film festival Telč), Cans of Time, Peter Župník – The Route Paris – Levoča
Jana Bučka was born in 1981 in Nitra. She graduated in acting from the Theatre Academy of Performing Arts – “DAMU“ in Prague and in documentary directing from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislave. She attended studies as visiting student in Spain, Mexico and Romania.  Filmography: Cigarettes and Songs (awarded for the best documentary film, Seefest Los Angles 2012, the main prize GRAND PRIX, Arts&Film festival Telč), Couchsurfing, Mamma who born me, National Identity, Camino.

Awards and presskit for download

Golden Funnel at Ex Oriente workshop 2011

Film Eorope Award for Best documentary film 2012 at Cinematik film festival