Watch the best of Slovak documentaries online for free!

08. September 2013

Slovak documentaries, the DAFilms portal event for this week, in cooperation with Filmtopia and International film festival Cinematik. A cinematography in the last months best known for Peter Kerekes`s Velvet terrorists, who will also present his new much awaited film at the International film festival Cinematik. This documentary competition presents the essentials of Slovak theatrical documentary distribution. We have gone through the history of their selection and made one of our own, leading to a presentation of 5 documentaries, which might ring the bell, having travelled a couple of international film festivals in history. We present films of directors Jaroslav Vojtek, Erika Hníková (Czech director, but Slovak coproduction), Zuzana Piussi, Marek Šulík and Jana Bučka.

Stream for free from September 9 to September 15:

Matchmaking Mayor - Erika Hníková
The Gypsy Vote - Jaro Vojtek
Disease of the Third Power - Zuzana Piussi
The Bells of Happiness - Marek Šulík, Jana Bučka

We also include the film The Border by Jaro Vojtek to the selection, a film that you can see for a small fee.

Watch the best of Slovak documentaries online for free!